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Dr BR & CR Shetty Scholarship for Academic Excellence

This scholarship is principally aimed to provide financial aid for students of medical science in selected regions of India. But, the scholarship has a separate preference-based selection process for students in crisis. This scholarship program’s crisis eligibility emphasizes mainly on social calamities of students. The BR & CR Shetty foundation serves financial aid in the form of scholarships to the children who are wards of Beedi workers or have a terminally ill parent(s).

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We address the most untouched areas of development which aims to empower the rural community in progressing towards self-sustainability, self-respect and healthy family life. The programs are identified and prioritized based on the intensity of the problem and the need of the intervention.

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The programs are designed with reasonable justification on the required intervention at the specified area and geography. The problems are identified through a scientific need assessment survey which covers multiple factors of the thematic area.

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Dr. BR and CR Shetty foundation will work with grassroot and well reputed organizations that have experience in dealing with health, education, poverty alleviation/malnutrition and community empowerment programs. The implementing partners will be decided on based on their experience

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