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India with a population of 1.21 billion people stand at the second position as the most populous country in the world after China. Strengthening the health system has been a primary focus for the country for several decades. The major achievements of the country are the declining trend in vaccine preventable disorders, eradication of poliomyelitis through country-wide Pulse Polio Immunisation Programme etc., and life expectancy at birth jumping from 59.7 years in 1990 to 70.3 years in 2016 for females and from 58.3 years to 66.9 years for males.

The rapid growth of population has far outstripped our economic and social developments. The overall portfolio of the health system and policy is targeted to address increase in life expectancy, decline in child mortality, control of infectious diseases, extensive use of antibiotics, improvement in nutritional standards and access to health services.

Non-communicable diseases have become a major public health problem in the country due to changing life styles as well as increasing stress and tension due to changes in social and cultural systems in the society. India is listed among the countries where malnutrition and child mortality is alarmingly high. It is estimated that one in every three malnourished children in the world lives in India. Diseases such as dengue fever, hepatitis, tuberculosis, malaria and pneumonia continue to plague India due to increased resistance to drugs. Rural India contains over 68% of India's total population, and half of all residents of rural areas live below the poverty line, struggling for better and easy access to health care and services.

Dr. BR and CR Shetty Foundation aims at providing accessible affordable health care support to the needy, upskill existing human resources, promotion of essential and generic medicines, disease focused interventions, health promotion programmes relevant to the geographical locations, and implementation of preventive and promotive health activities in an integrated and comprehensive manner with involvement of indigenous system of medicine.

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We address the most untouched areas of development which aims to empower the rural community in progressing towards self-sustainability, self-respect and healthy family life. The programs are identified and prioritized based on the intensity of the problem and the need of the intervention.

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The programs are designed with reasonable justification on the required intervention at the specified area and geography. The problems are identified through a scientific need assessment survey which covers multiple factors of the thematic area.

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Dr. BR and CR Shetty foundation will work with grassroot and well reputed organizations that have experience in dealing with health, education, poverty alleviation/malnutrition and community empowerment programs. The implementing partners will be decided on based on their experience

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